3v3 league

3v3 Information

3v3 is very fast pace, intense, fun, and entertaining to watch. Development there are many advantages to 3v3, players see increase in the following: Puck touches, passess, shots, one on one battles, puck races, and have to make quicker decision. There are no whistles other than for pantiles when the opposing team will be given a penalty shot. The game is constantly moving and flowing which equates to more skating and more playing time. Each team is guaranteed 11 games. Each game will be 55 minutes in length plus 3-minute warmup. People/Coaches can form their own teams or a player can register as a free agent and will be assigned to a team at a low cost. We recommend team of 9 skaters and 1 goalie. Register your team or as a individual today.

3v3 League Highlights

  • Spring 10 Games
  • Summer 10 Games
  • Both & Summer 20 Game
  • Jersey
  • Register as team:
    • Spring Cost: $1,500
    •  Summer Cost: $1,500
    • Spring & Summer Cost: $2,500
    • Min Players: 7 (6 skaters and 1 goalie)
    • Max Players: Coaches discretion, but would recommend no more than 13 players.
  • Register as a Free Agent: 
  • Spring Cost: $150
  • Summer Cost: $150
  • Spring & Summer Cost: $250
  • Min Players: 7 (6 skaters and 1 goalie)
  • August to mid/late September
  • Location: Waconia

3v3 Registration Instructions

Registering a team: 
  • Click the registration button
  • Click Register
  • Select “Myself as Staff Member”
  • Click Coach
  • Enter your team name in textbox
  • Enter Coach information
  • Enter billing information
  • Click Invite Players button
  • Then, invite your team members to join by inputting their email.
  • NOTE: Enter only one email per line by typing email address then press enter
Registering as Free Agent:
  • Click the registration button
  • Click “My Chlid”
  • Select the Child you are registering. If you do not see your child’s name, click the Add New button if your child’s name is not listed
  • Click Register button
  • Select “Free Agent”
  • Enter Information
  • A team will be assigned to a week before the league starts.