Goalie training

Goalie Training

The Minnesota Steel Goalie Training program focuses heavily on skill development and mechancis for goalies. Goalie training will be limited to 4 goalies per session. The Minnesota Steel coaching staff ensures each player is performing each skill with proper biomechanics to maximize the athlete’s development. The practices are designed to provide deep practice to hardwire skills into our young athletes’ brains. Deep practice is high quality repetitions to develop their muscle memory. It is imperative that players get high repetitions, but more importantly, they need to be done with the correct form and biomechanics. Deep practice breaks skills up into small chunks, starting off slow then progressively getting faster. Developing these skills is achieved by the following approach:

  1. Provide players with the Repetition and Time needed to develop muscle memory to master a particular skill.
  2. Providing an environment for players to make mistakes.
  3. Coaches providing feedback and showing players how to fix mistakes.

Minnesota Steel Formula for athlete development:

Quality Repetitions + Making Mistakes + Fixing Mistake = Deep Practice = Perfection

Minnesota Steel takes this development approach with all of our programs. By incorporating this method into our program, we are able to teach our athletes how to properly train on their own. We’re not just going through the motions. It is performing a skill, stopping when we make a mistake, assessing what we did wrong and how we can correct the mistake.

Goalie 2023 Details:

  • The spring goalie training program is seperated into 2 groups Intermediate and Advance:
    • Advance is for Bantam/U15 and Peewee/U12.
      • Mondays & Wednesdays from 7:30 to 8:30 PM
      • April 3rd through May 3rd
    • Intermediate is for Squirts/U10 & Advance Mites/U8
      • Tuesday & Thursdays from 7:45 to 8:45 PM
      • April 4th through May 4th 
  • Practice will be an hour in length
  • On-Ice Training: 10 hours  
  • Training will be at Waconia Ice Arenea

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