Pre-Tryout Training

Bantam/U15 Pre-Tryout

Athletes that will be playing at the Bantam or U15/HS level for the 2023-24 season.

Peewee/U12 Pre-Tryout

Athletes that will be playing at the Peewee or U12 level for the 2023-24 season.

Squirt/U10 Pre-Tryout

Athletes that will be playing at the Squirt or U10 level for the 2023-24 season.

Goalie Pre-Tryout

Goalies that will be playing at the Squirt/U10 to Bantam/U15 level for the 2023-24 season.

Pre-Tryout Camp

The Minnesota Steel Hockey club is offering a pre-tryout hockey training program starting in September. All training sessions will be held at the Waconia Ice Arena! Our pre-tryout hockey training program allows athletes to customize the training to their schedule. Athletes have the ability to register for individual practices or for the entire program at a discounted rate. Athletes that register for all practices will receive $50 discount.


  • All Sessions (10 sessions): $250
  • Individual Session = $30 per session

Registration: Athletes should register for the age level they will be playing at this upcoming 2023-24 season.

Ages: Bantam/U15, Peewee/U12, & Squirt/U10

Our aim is to provide young athletes with the opportunity to hone their skills, build confidence, and take their game to the next level to help them perform at their highest abilities for upcoming tryouts and seasons. Throughout this intensive camp, we will focus on three critical aspects of hockey: skating, stickhandling, and passing skills, with a strong emphasis on incorporating these skills into game situations.

Skating Skills: Skating is the foundation of any successful hockey player, and our experienced coaches will work to improve participants’ skating techniques. Camp attendees will receive personalized instructions to enhance their stride, overspeed, balance and agility training. From forward and backward skating to quick transitions and tight turns, our coaches will break down the fundamental elements of efficient skating to help players gain a competitive edge on the ice.

Heads Up Stickhandling: A player’s ability to control the puck with their head up directly impacts their effectiveness on the ice. Our camp will focus on stickhandling drills with their heads up that emphasize dexterity, puck protection, and creative puck movement. Athletes will learn how to navigate through traffic, maintain possession under pressure, and execute dekes and fakes to outsmart opponents. With dedicated coaching and practice, players will become more confident and proficient in their stickhandling abilities while skating with their heads up.

Precision Passing: Accurate passing is vital for successful teamwork and offensive plays. During our hockey camp, players will refine their passing skills through various drills and exercises. From crisp, tape-to-tape passes to saucer passes and long-range feeds, area passes, camp attendees will learn to deliver the puck with precision, touch, and confidence. Additionally, we will cover the art of receiving passes, as strong puck support is essential for maintaining possession and creating scoring opportunities.

Incorporating Skills into Game Situations: While individual skill development is crucial, knowing how to apply those skills in real game situations and have the confidence to execute them is what sets elite players apart. Our coaches will integrate the learned skating, stickhandling, and passing techniques into drills by applying different levels of pressure in drills and game-like scenarios. Participants will gain valuable insight into decision-making, positioning, and team play. They’ll learn to read the game, anticipate opponents’ moves, and execute strategies effectively. By simulating game scenarios, players will become more adaptable and better equipped to make an impact during competitive matches.

Minnesota Steel Experience: Apart from skill development, our program offers a supportive and motivating environment for all participants. Friendships will be forged, teamwork will be fostered, and a passion for the game will be nurtured. Our experienced coaching staff is dedicated to inspiring young athletes to reach their full potential and to instill positive character, values of sportsmanship and dedication. The Minnesota Steel Hockey Club is a unique opportunity for aspiring hockey players to receive top-tier coaching in skating, stickhandling, and passing skills. By providing a holistic approach that emphasizes both individual development and in-game application, our camp strives to produce well-rounded and successful hockey players. Join us for a great hockey experience that will propel your game to new heights!