steel academy

Steel Academy is only offered to players in our program. Steel academy gives players access to training videos, training program, Hockey IQ training and videos, systems, and program expectations and cultural. MN Steel program goes beyond the rest of the hockey programs out there. We are committed to providing the best hockey development, cultural, and experience. Our program goes beyond teaching hockey, but how hockey translates to life, leadership, and what it takes to be successful in anything our athletes decide to do in life.

The reason we started Minnesota Steel Hockey Club is because we saw the training and coaching were receiving did not meet our standards. We see programs running practice with kids running through drills with poor technique, not performing the drill correctly, and/or limited instructions. Coaches are standing off to the side watching or messing around. Also, with these programs you will see kids standing in line and not getting the repetitions to master the skill and allow the mylin to full grow. Players are ultimately getting better because of just more time on the ice and talent. It become clear that the coaches do not know how to properly break down skills or drills. Programs like this thier players are just a pay check to the organization. They do not ultimatley care about how much the kids improve. They stamp a big name on it, sell you on it, and all you get is ice time.

One of the biggest difference you will noticed with Steel compare to other programs, is our coaches are professionals at being able to break down skills and teach players how to properly execute skills. We are understand the science behind developing skills and perfecting it. If a player is struggling with a skill, coaches will walk players through the skill slowly until they start to get it. They will players to increase their speed while maintaining proper form. This allows the mylin in the athletes brain to start building the channel for excuting the skill. As the mylin gets thicker, the athlete is able to excute the skill at higher speeds and with more precision.

With Steel Hockey Club you will find our coaches give all of our players the same coaching and attention. Reach out to us to find the right program for your child to fit their training needs and desires.