Training Structure

Our training camps focus heavily on individual player development and skills. Minnesota Steel programs focuses heavily on skill development of skating  and puck skills (stickhandling, passing, and shooting) boimechanics. The Minnesota Steel coaching staff ensures each player is performing each skill with proper biomechanics to mitigate developing bad habits. Practices are designed to provide deep practice to hardwire skills into our young athletes’ brains and muslces. Deep practice is high quality repetitions to develop their muscle memory. It is imperative that players get high repetitions, but more importantly, they need to be done with the correct form and biomechanics. Deep practice breaks skills up into small chunks, starting off slow then progressively getting faster. Developing these skills is achieved by the following approach:

  1. Provide players with the Repetitions and Time needed.
  2. Providing an environment for players to be creative and make mistakes.
  3. Coaches do not provide answer for players but ask questions to help them find the solution for themself. 
  4. Coaches providing feedback and show players how to fix defficiencies in their biomechanics.

Minnesota Steel Formula for athlete development:

Repetitions + Making Mistakes + Fixing Mistake = Deep Practice = Perfection

Minnesota Steel takes this development approach with all of our programs. By incorporating this method into our program, we are able to teach our athletes how to properly train on their own. It is not just going through the motion. It is performing a skill, stop when we make a mistake, assess what we did wrong and how we can correct the it. 



Tryout Camp

Our tryout camp is prepare hockey players for upcoming tryouts. This camp is high intense that will focus on skating and puck skills, high intensity, game situational drills, and scrimmaging. Drills work to rest ratios will be structure to provide players with the conditioning required for tryouts. 

  • Tryout Camp will be held during September
  • 12 Hours of on-ice training
  • Age Groups: Bantam, Peewee, U12, Squirt, U10, and Mites/U8 (held in October)
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Skill Development

 Skill Development Training program focuses on skating, stickhandling and passing with the proper boimechanics while keeping head their up. Beyond skills work, we will offer player mechanics video analysis to reinforce skill development. The skill base training is critical to players overall development.

  • Skating mechanics
  • Stickhandling mechanics & Puck Protection
  • Creating Time & Space
  • Passing & Receiving mechanics


Skill Training Details

  • Location: Waconia Ice Arena
  • Practice: Once per week
  • Practice Length: 1.5 hours 
  •  Weekday evenings
  • On-Ice Training: 21 Hours
  • Dates: 
  • Cost: $500
MN Steel 06 Game Pictures

Goalie Skill

Goalie Clinic will focus on the goalies overall ability. This clinic is great for all goalies and abilities as well as boys and girls! Goalie skill development training program will use video analysis to correct  biomechanics deficiencies.

  • Form & Technique (Butterfly)
  • Position & Angles
  • Stick & Foot work
  • Rebound Control
  • Game Decision in game like situations



Goalie training details:

  • Location: Waconia Ice Arena
  • Practice: Once per week
  • Practice Length: 1.5 hours 
  •  Weekday evenings


Our clinics are small group and 1 on 1 based training. This maintains a good player to coach ratio to provide better development. Small group training ranges from 6 to 12 players per group.


Small Group Training

Small group training maintains a low the coach to player ratio low to give each player the focus attention they need. Small group training is great way to maximize player development by quickly improving their skills as well as increasing their compete level while maintaining a low coach to player ratio at an affordable price.

Small Group training cost is $30 per 30 minute session. To setup training times, email us by clicking the button below.


1 on 1 Training

We offer 1 on 1 training for skaters and goalies. Our 1 on 1 training provides athletes with the specific development plan for each player. 1 on 1 training is great way to improve and strength player’s games. The first session, will be an assessment of players skills. This assessment will allow us to develop a plan specific for your child. You can select the number of 1 on 1 sessions you would like to participate. We would recommend starting with 10 sessions. You can select 1 on 1 training with any of our coaches.  

1 on 1 training sessions cost is $45 per 30 minute session. To setup training times, email us by clicking the button below.

Performance Training

Minnesota Steel Hockey Club has teamed up with Training HAUS at TCO. Training HAUS, sports performance is the platform for athletic achievement. Their team of experts are committed to building a total athlete, while reducing the risk of injury through individualized evaluation and program design. Every athlete is challenged and empowered to identify, pursue, and achieve their personal goals.

Training HAUS sports performance programs are so much more than weightlifting. Using dynamic exercises and drills, they cultivate performance qualities beyond foundational strength. The result is a more complete athlete with distinct competitive advantages that apply to any sport.
• Explosive acceleration
• Controlled speed
• Mental endurance
• Reactive agility
• Efficient mobility
• Protective stability
• Injury prevention

Training HAUS Difference:
• Three 60-minute training sessions per week focusing on speed, power, strength and injury prevention designed
specifically for the Minnesota Steel, collaborating with their on-ice programing and testing.
• On site nutrition assistance, guidance and post workout recovery nutrition.

Training Schedule:
• Option 1: June 7th – August 26th (OFF July 4th – July 11th)
• Option 2: June 7th – July 1st
• Option 3: July 12th – August 26th
• Weekly Schedule: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday | 2 – 3 PM
• Minimum 10 athletes required

Training Reminders:
• Shoes for indoor and outdoor, mask, water bottle
Training Location: TCO Waconia Therapy & Performance | 820 Village Way, Waconia MN 55387

Training Options Total Sessions Cost Registration
June 7th – August 26th 33 Sessions $330
June 7th – July 1st 12 Sessions $145
July 12th – August 26th 21 Sessions $230